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The Bassline Cartel had humble beginnings! In fact when the site first started we were known simply as

Beat Junkies seemed like an excellent name for our new website, as we wanted to develop a site for Junkies of great Electronic beats. We soon found out that there was a Hip Hop group with this name already in the United States. So we gradually decided to move the site name over to The Bassline Cartel. The concept was originally thought up by James M. and Jim B, at The World Electronic Music Festival in 2003. I was already running a small website at that time by the Name of The Unofficial WEMF Review and Jimmy was actively spinning at parties. We realized that our combined passion for Electronic music, and the desire to spread awareness and knowledge of the Electronic Music scene would help build the community you are visiting today. Our initial goal was to conduct DJ Interviews, Event reviews and offer a place for other electronic music enthusiasts to discuss and learn about upcoming events, new releases, DJ's or simply chat. After some unfortunate disputes between the original founders, the website was moved yet once again to its new permanent home.

It was soon realized that we could offer alot more, and slowly began adding new features such as Downloadable DJ Mixes, Free Mix hosting, Party pictures, DJ Promotion, and even our own Radio station. We play a variety of music on our station, including "indie" electronic music by "bedroom" producers. We feel that everyone deserves a chance to have their music heard. We believe that's what makes us different from other Webstations. We then had a little downtime with various issues, of which Chris M. took over the running of the site and station. We were rocking the beats until personal issues got the site into a sorry state of disrepair. It would be up and down for about a year. We got back to being completely up and running again like before in early 2011. We have been up and pumping the beats ever since. We did lose some of our fan base with all the issues so we essentially started again. New talent has started sending demo's again so we are well on the road to recovery. Big things coming in 2018!

Feel free to contact us with your questions & comments.